Weddings & Events

A bride and two bridesmaids pose, smiling together, and holding their bouquets. Close up of a raw-and-bark bridal bouquet with a gold tint to the photograph. Bride wearing a crown of blue flowers holds a Heart & Sola blue bridal bouquet. Bridal bouquet featuring bright reds, purples, and gray, with a fabric wrapped handle sits on a wooden bench in front of a yellow wall. Two wooden signs with white painted lettering leaning against a large metal lantern with a glass decagon with sola flowers inside. Small glass lantern and a glass decagon with sola flowers inside sit atop a slice of a tree trunk on a white linen table cloth. Medium sized wooden sign with white painted lettering detailing the cupcake flavors featured at a wedding.

Custom Items

Turquoise and white sola flower arrangement in a dark stained box. Gray, burgundy, and navy flowers in a round, shiny silver vase. Slice of a tree stained, with 'Love Always and All Ways' painting on it in white lettering. Sign is adorned with cream and tan sola flowers. Purple, green, and turquoise sola flower bouquet with a twine wrapped handle.


White poinsettias in a shiny red square box, with evergreen sprigs, red berry accents, and an acorn. Cream flowers, evergreen sprigs, acorns, and berries in a small gray stained wooden box with a red plaid ribbon around the middle, tied in a bow. White and gold sola flowers and red silk poinsettias in a shiny white long box. Evergreen sprig and acorn accents. Cream and gold sola flowers with red silk poinsettias in a long, dark stained wood box. White reindeer head shaped sign wiwth two gray flowers, one burgundy flowwer, and two green leaves decorating where its antlers meet the head. Brown cornucopia filled with tan, harvest yellow, and rose gold flowers, along with gold and orange leaves, a small gourd, and a small pumpkin. Miniature wheelbarrow with cream and burgundy sola flowers, as well as an acorn and a small pumpkin. 3 jars - two orange and one green - with metal leaf pendants sit inside a small dark wooden crate. Sola flowers, berries, and wheat are inside the jars. Orange, tan, gold, and burugndy sola flowers within a similarly colored basket. Wheat and berry accents. Burgundy, orange, and gold sola flowers inside a geometric wooden vase. Large orange pumpkin with autumn colored sola flowers, burlap leaves, and berry accents. White pumpkin with autumn colored sola flowers, and large berry accents. Cream colored pumpkin with cream and bark sola flowers, burlap leaves, and wheat accents. Oversized mug featuring black cats and gold designs with black, gray, and gold sola flowers. Jar with black and white spideweb ribbon around it filled with black, gray, and red sola flowers, a small skull and a flower with an eyeball as accents. Oversides white mug with black scroll decoration and a skull and crossbones with dark gray and burgundy sola flowers. Wreath of black feathers with a large gray peony featuring a skull in the middle. Fuzzy accents in red, black, and white, and small plastic skulls up the right side.. Two Easter baskets featuring purple, turquoise, pink, and blue sola flowers as well as decorative eggs.

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