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Large bridal bouquet of white, ivory, and blush flowers with various greenery.

I’m sure you’re wonderingWhat are sola wood flowers?

The flowers I use are made from a plant called aeschynomene aspera, but that’s hard to remember (and say), so it is also known around the world as sola, shola, and a few other names.

The flowers have a cork or foamy feeling before being dyed or colored, and weigh next to nothing! When I get boxes of flowers delivered, my husband always jokes that it’s empty.

Because these flowers are made of natural materials, imperfections like knots and veining may be visible on some petals. Personally, I like to consider these a feature rather than a flaw, especially when you consider that no flowers, even real ones, are perfect. The knots and veins add to the authentic look of the wood flowers.

Three stained wooden chevron arrows hung vertically on a living room wall. One arrow is covered with ivory sola flowers.

Customer Testimonials

“Working with Katie was a breeze! She was able to create exactly what I wanted without issue. When she wasn’t sure what shade of purple I was asking for, all it took was a fabric swatch and she was able to match my bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly. The flowers were ready before the deadline and I was able to arrange a pickup to save on shipping costs. I’d definitely recommend Katie for anyone in the market for sola wood bouquets.”

LaTara D.

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