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About Katie (the floral designer)

People often ask about how I got started with wood flowers…

My sola journey began in 2017, with planning our wedding. We only needed 3 bouquets, and centerpieces. Since we didn’t need many flowers, and we didn’t have much money, I began searching for fun, and less expensive, alternatives to real flowers.

That’s when I discovered sola wood flowers. I dove right in, buying a few hundred flowers, and dyed them to match my dress, as well as my maid of honor’s purple dress & my matron of honor’s red dress. Then I made my first bouquet ever – my bridal bouquet. The day before the wedding. No pressure, right?!

Well, it worked out! In addition to the bouquets, I designed the centerpieces for our tables. We had a few extra terrariums and lots of loose flowers scattered around the room.

To make my bouquet even more unique, I had a large section of the belt section of my dress removed, and I used that to wrap my bouquet’s handle!

And there you have it!

Because of my wedding, I absolutely fell in love with working with these flowers.

I have been into crafts my whole life but none really stuck. But since I found sola flowers, I feel like I’ve found my calling. I also love love, so working with couples to make their weddings as perfect as possible is a huge perk for me, and decor items are great to keep me on my toes & to keep me busy between weddings.

What’s special about Heart & Sola Creations?

Having a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree helps me capture your personality by guiding my interpretations of each customer request. An art degree also means I’ve worked a lot with color theory, which is how I am able to match my flower colors to nearly any swatch I’m given.

If you’re stuck on choosing a style for your wedding and flowers, I can help you find what speaks to you most! My years of experience in the web design world speaks to my ability to stay up to date with trends and adapt to new ideas quickly and effectively. It’s unbelievable how quickly both the internet world, and the world of weddings, change!

Ready to order? I would love to create something entirely unique for you!

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