About Heart & Sola Creations & Katie, the Artist Behind It All

Looking for an alternative to traditional, fresh flowers? I can help you with that.

Well, hello! I’m Katie (she/her)
the designer behind Heart and Sola Creations.

With finding the right venue, choosing the perfect outfit, and picking out the food and cake, planning a wedding down to the last detail can be stressful for you and your wallet.

A major part of that? Figuring out what you’re going to do for your floral details.

From your wedding bouquet to wedding party florals, to the décor for your ceremony and your reception, flowers are a huge part of your big day.

And, let’s be honest, traditional flowers are not cheap. Plus, they’ll last you maybe a week after your wedding day.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative that will last you a lifetime, you’ve come to the right place.

I create custom sola wood flower arrangements for modern and alternative couples on their wedding day.

I’ll help you choose the best type of flower and arrangement to match your wedding day style. Then, I’ll hand-dye it so it’s completely perfect for your color palette.

You’ll have wedding day pieces like a bouquet, boutonnieres, flower arches, swags, and reception décor that are all made specifically with you in mind.

Read more about sola wood flowers, how they’re the perfect alternative to traditional wedding flowers, and my own process here!

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How did I get started in creating beautiful wood flower arrangements for couples on their wedding day?

It started when I was planning my own wedding back in 2017. I was exactly where you are — trying to find a fun, budget-friendly alternative to real flowers. I found sola wood flowers, and dove right in.

I bought hundreds of wood flowers, dyed them to match my wedding dress, my matron of honor’s dress, and my maid of honor’s dress, too. And then, I set out to arrange my bouquet — all the day before my wedding!

And it absolutely worked out. I fell in love with dyeing each individual flower to match a specific color palette and curating beautiful arrangements for statement bouquets and décor pieces.

What’s so special about Heart and Sola Creations?

With Heart and Sola Creations, there is no one size fits all flower arrangement. Each bouquet, centerpiece, boutonniere, and anything else you need for your wedding day is custom-made specifically for you.

How do I do this? My Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, which included extensive studying of color theory, helps me match flower colors to any color swatch I’m given. Not only that, but it also gave me a keen eye for design, which is how I’m able to curate gorgeous bouquets that fit your unique style.

If you’re stuck on choosing a style for your wedding and flowers, I can help you find what speaks to you most!

My years of experience in the world of art and design and in the wedding industry keep me up to date on the latest trends and new, exciting ideas for couples planning their weddings.

I’m more than happy to help you decide what will best suit your big day! Request a Quote!

What are my couples saying?

“Katie was able to create exactly what we were picturing while fitting into our budget.” – Lauren L.

“Working with Katie was a breeze! She was able to create exactly what I wanted, and she was able to match my bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly.” – Latara D.

Imagine this…

You breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you didn’t go over budget for your big day, and yet, your wedding ceremony and reception are still filled with gorgeous flowers. Even better still? You’ll get to keep them forever to remember one of the best days ever.

Take some of the stress out of your wedding planning, especially when it comes to choosing the right flowers. I’ve got the perfect alternative for your wedding day florals that will be completely custom made for you.

Ready to talk about your custom sola wood flower arrangements for your wedding day?

I’d love to make something completely unique for you!

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