Engagement Photo Location in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Engagement Photos in West Chester, Pennsylvania: Baldwin’s Book Barn

Katie and Anthony standing together in an arched stone doorway. When it came time for engagement photos, my husband and I immediately thought of a few places we would like to have our pics taken. One of our top picks was Baldwin’s Book Barn in West Chester, Pennsylvania. We hadn’t been there before, but we had heard of it from a few family members & friends and it sounded absolutely intriguing.

Our photo day came and I had my hair & makeup scheduled for the morning, so I’d be beautified for the shoot. The weather was overcast but we were hopeful that the rain would hold off until we got shots at a park, which we were going to hit after Baldwin’s Book Barn. By the time we got to Baldwin’s, though, it was drizzling and we had only an hour or so to try to cram in as many pics as we could!

Couple kissing in front of a wall of green bookshelves.
Couple sitting on a vintage armchair together, in front of vintage books and drawings.

What’s Great About Baldwin’s Book Barn?

The book barn – so called because it’s a converted barn – is a five-story book store full of nooks, stone walls, arched doorways, and loads of not only books, but maps and prints, too! The owners are absolutely charming and super friendly.

With all the levels and rooms, it’s easy to find plenty of spots to snap photos. Even with others shopping around you, the place is so big that you can choose spots that are out of the way. We chose to do some photos in a few different spots… like in the book aisles, on a set of wooden stairs, in a stone archway, and in a room sort of like a study.

The shop owners were super friendly and allowed us to take our photos for free and even encouraged us to use different areas of the shop. So after we took a bunch of photos, of course we ended up perusing the shelves for something to buy!

Katie and Anthony sitting together in front of a large farmhouse window.
Two people sitting on the edge of a wooden staircase inside a bookstore.

All photos by Robert Wood Photography

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