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Top 6 Benefits of Wood Flowers

When people learn that I work with wood flowers, and that wood flowers are even a thing, they usually want them… or question why anyone would actually use them, especially for a wedding! Really, there are lots of reasons. And every couple is so unique that benefits are different for each one. Below, I detail my […]

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Groom in a navy suit with burgundy tie, and bride in ivory gown in a snowy landscape. Taken by Dear Grace Photography.

Snowy Wedding in State College, PA

A classic combination of burgundy and navy, balanced with ivory and brown tones, provides a touch of tradition to the modern use of wood flower wedding bouquets. Wood flower wedding bouquets I used one of the pocket squares the groom & groomsmen wore, to be sure the wood flowers were dyed to the perfect burgundy. […]

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Close up of gray, purple, and red wood flower bouquets.

How I Got Started with Sola Wood Flowers

In 2016, when my husband and I decided it was time to tie the knot, we didn’t leave ourselves much time to actually be engaged. We began ring shopping in December 2016/January 2017 and got my ring at the end of January. I picked it out and I was there when he bought it, so […]

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