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Burgundy & Blush Wedding in Portland, Oregon

Kat & Jaime’s wedding, in October 2018, was one of the first times I had to ship my items for a wedding – and I had to ship from southeast Pennsylvania all the way to Portland, Oregon! I was quite nervous, but the bouquet was delivered quickly & in perfect shape!

In true Portland, Oregon fashion, it was a bit rainy on the big day, but St. Irene’s Event Venue (in Tualatin, Oregon – about 15 minutes from Portland) is beautiful no matter what the weather is, and Lynn Marie was able to capture absolutely stunning photographs!

Bouquet Details

Details of a wild burgundy and blush wood flower bridal bouquet.
  • Ranunculus : Burgundy
  • Marigold : Blush
  • Garden Rose : Burgundy
  • Greenery : Ferns, Dusty Miller, Bay Laurel
  • Handle : Partial Burlap

Kat & I connected through the Facebook group for the podcast Two Girls One Ghost – a podcast about ghost stories. Fun fact: almost 3/4 of the weddings I do are for people I have found in Facebook groups for podcasts we listen to! She was looking for wood flowers for the big day because she wanted something different, and wanted her bouquet to be something she could hang onto… and possibly hand down to her children! She also said, “I love supporting small business. But the idea of customizing permanent flowers for myself really stood out to me.”

Kat & Jaime’s Love Story

“Our relationship moved at a natural, slow pace. We didn’t rush anything, despite starting to date really soon after reconnecting. All good things take time. Because we met through mutual friends, we always initially hung out with those friends… but a few weeks after losing touch, we randomly saw each other on a street.

He decided to take a different route back from class, and I was walking toward my school building. I didn’t have my phone on me since it died earlier that day and was charging. So, he ended up getting my phone number. I was doubtful he would send me a text but lo and behold, I received a text from him. We made plans to hang out the very next day, and it sort of became every day after that (until he asked me to be his girlfriend). So, in a way, it was fate that we ended up on the same street at the same time because otherwise, we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

As for their engagement story, it’s a bit anti-climactic! Kat said Jaime proposed right before they went to bed, by saying something along the lines of ‘”we should get married!”

Customer Review

“I highly recommend Heart & Sola Creations for any big event–wedding, showers, graduation, etc. This small business has really made our big day very memorable. Not only did I have a gorgeous bouquet of wood flowers, I get to hang onto them and treasure this snippet from our day forever (or pass it down onto my children). From color scheme decisions, to planning the overall look, to having the flowers delivered, this process was very seamless. It felt so good to support a small business that would honestly give me the greater return of having this beautiful bouquet forever.”

– Kat

Wedding Details

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