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Wedding at the Children’s Museum of Denver

Rachel & Chad’s wedding was held at the Children’s Museum of Denver – which means it’s another one I shipped across the country!

Their wedding was entirely customized, making the day that much more special. Together, they wrote their ceremony and had their entire audience both laughing and crying. They even used my tips for writing their own vows & each of them promised to watch the other’s favorite shows – a very important promise in this day and age!

Along with completely customized flowers & writing the whole ceremony themselves, there was another way Rachel & Chad’s wedding was uniquely theirs: the dress. Rachel’s mom made her dress. How badass is that?! Her uncle and aunt helped pay for the flowers, and Chad’s mom sponsored their honeymoon to Rome! The venue coordinator handled a plate shortage disaster by actually leaving the wedding, and bringing us more supplies. Rachel jokes that she owes him her life.

Flower Details

Bride and groom sitting in front of a wooden wall, showcasing her bouquet and his boutonniere.
  • Flowers : Marigold, simple rose, wedding rose, peony, spray rose
  • Colors : Burgundy, golden yellow, light dusty blue, white/ivory
  • Handles : Fully wrapped – champagne ribbon
  • Corsages : Burgundy roses

Rachel & I connected through a crossover Facebook group for the podcast My Favorite Murder, a true crime comedy podcast, and wedding planning. The photographer is also a fan of the podcast, making this wedding a bit of a Murderino party! (Murderino is what we, the fans of the MFM podcast, call ourselves!)

Rachel was looking to get wood flowers for her wedding because she wanted something that would last forever, and she decided to go with me because she knew I would provide more personal service and customization options than a huge retailer would.

Smiling bride holding her dress up with one hand, and her bouquet and shoes in the other.
Groom in a navy suite with golden marigold boutonniere, gesturing at the camera with a big smile.

Rachel & Chad’s Engagement Story

Chad insisted they go on their favorite hike, with the dog, to Chad’s swimming spot. They had to climb over multiple construction ‘Do Not Cross’ lines, and Rachel kept suggesting they turn back. She finally realized why they were doing all of that when Chad got down on one knee a few minutes later!

Groom and groomsmen in matching navy suits and sunglasses, posing on old railroad tracks.
Bride in a white gown, and 4 bridesmaids in burgundy floor length gowns, holding their bouquets.

Customer Review

“You will not be disappointed with heart and sola. Spend lots of time on colors, and get the largest bouquets you can, you will NOT regret it. Take the advice of choosing stronger flowers for corsages, they are definitely prone to running into things. I am so thrilled with how my flowers turn out, and so happy they will last me forever. :)”

– Rachel


Wedding Details

Use my tips to write your own vows, just like Rachel & Chad!

DIY Wedding Vows Tips & Ideas

Are you loving the idea of wood flowers? I would love to create something entirely unique for you!

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