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About Heart & Sola Creations

Working closely with each customer, together we create unique, personal floral items. Having a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree helps me capture your personality by guiding my interpretations of each customer & request. Having an art degree also means I went through color theory classes, which is how I am able to match my flower colors to nearly any swatch I’m given.

If you’re stuck on choosing a style for your wedding and flowers, I can help you find what speaks to you most! My years of experience in the web design & development world speaks to my ability to stay up to date with trends and adapt to new ideas quickly and effectively. It’s unbelievable how often both the internet world the world of weddings change!

When asked “What was your favorite part about working with me?” some of my customers said…
  • Katie was very responsive to all of my questions & screenshots of the color schemes I was looking for.
  • The whole process was seamless and it felt good to have non-traditional flowers.
  • I was able to really talk with, and work with for Katie to create exactly what I was looking for.
  • Katie was willing to do whatever color schemes I wanted, for a great price. Best of all, she was able to complete my order about a month before my wedding!
  • I was very happy with Katie’s flexibility.

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