About Katie Owner & Floral Designer

Did you know that floral design is a part time side hustle for me? At least, for now it is. I’d love to make it my full time job in the next year or two!

My day job is web design & development, but I’m not just someone who fell into crafting and floral design. I have always been creative, and I have always loved crafts. I’ve been a web designer for 6 years, and I even had a blog about furniture makeovers while I was in college!

Speaking of college, I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design, and I minored in both Art History and Web Technology. These areas of study help guide my interpretations of each customer’s personality, and having an art degree means I went through color theory classes – and that’s how I am able to match my flower colors to nearly any swatch I’m given.

My experience in the web design & development world speaks to my ability to stay up to date with trends and adapt to new ideas quickly and effectively. It’s unbelievable how often codes, algorithms, and trends change in the internet world! So if you’re stuck on choosing a style for your wedding and flowers, and want something trendy, I can help with that! If you’re worried your style will look dated by the time your wedding comes around – since wedding trends change year to year, or even more often – I can help with that, too!

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