Delaware County, PA Florist

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make each flower?

No, I do not. I purchase my flowers from vendors from around the world, and they all come in a creamy, ivory color. Any other colors you see, I’ve dyed them myself.

What flowers do you have?

I don’t have every available sola flower in stock, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get them for your order!

To see which flowers I typically keep in stock, please check out my flower options.

Can you send me samples?

Yes! I offer sample boxes of non-dyed flowers. Options include 5 standard flowers, 3 premium flowers, or a mixture. Pricing is based on which option you select.

Can you dye the flowers?

The flowers come to me in their natural, cream color. I can either leave them that color, or I can dye the flowers almost any color.

What are my options for handles?

These can be used for bouquets, as well as boutonnieres:

  • Twine – full or partial
  • Rope – full or partial
  • Ribbon – full or partial
  • Burlap – full or partial
  • Lace – full or partial, usually added on top of another material
Do you offer wedding consultations?

Yes! I offer free, in-person consultations for anyone who is interested in using my services & is local to 19014.

If you are not local but would still like a consultation, we can set up a video chat via Skype, Hangouts, or Google Duo.

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How far in advance do I need to book you for my wedding?

I typically recommend booking me no less than 3 months before the wedding date. If you have a very specific vision, I would recommend 6+ months so that we can be sure there is enough time to acquire the necessary items.

Help! My wedding is next month and I need your flowers!

With such short timelines, I may not be able to accommodate a full wedding order, but I can typically get a standard bouquet and one boutonniere done. This includes using the flowers I have in stock already, so the choices may be limited and will vary from month to month.

Orders places 1 month, or less, before the wedding date will include a 10% rush fee.

I wish I had known about this when I got married! Can you recreate bouquets?

Yes and no. I can try to recreate bouquets to the best of my ability with available flowers and a good amount of photographs. The more photos (and angles!) the better.