Incorporate Heirlooms & Keepsakes into Your Wood Wedding Flowers

Incorporate Heirlooms & Keepsakes into Your Wood Wedding Flowers

Ivory, blush, and rose gold flower arrangement with eucalyptus and berries accents.

People tend to remember weddings by the food served, but custom wood flowers will surely make them remember your flowers! Guests can never believe it when couples say their flowers are wood – push your wedding over the top with these simple ways of incorporating an heirlooms & keepsakes into your flowers.

Special additions & favorite flowers

Bride and groom during mountaintop elopement in Telluride, Colorado.Photo by: Vows and Peaks

Is there a specific flower or color that makes you think of someone special in your life?

For Kate and James’ elopement, I added seashells and a peony for Kate’s grandma, and a single purple lotus to Kate’s bouquet because it was James’ mom’s favorite.

Add heirlooms directly into the flowers

You can provide me with sentimental items such as dresses, veils, hats, jewelry, etc. and I’ll use pieces from them within your flowers! Earrings and jewelry are great for adding a bit of glam to flower centers. Veils, hats, and other fabric items are perfect for wrapping bouquet handles.

Large autumn bouquet with veil accents incorporated in flower centers.MK Photography

Morgan provided her mom’s wedding veil, which I took apart and used to create two new brooch-type items. I then used those 2 “brooches” as centers for large flowers used in the bridal bouquet.

Ivory, blush, and rose gold wood flower bouquet with earrings within the flowers.Foschi Photography

Carly provided her mom’s wedding hat and her grandma’s earrings. I took a section of her mom’s wedding hat brim and used it to wrap Carly’s bouquet handle. I cut apart a set of her grandma’s earrings and used the top squares as accents on some of the marigolds in her bouquet, and I used the teardrop shaped pearl pieces inside almond flowers of the bouquet.

Imagine your flowers becoming your family’s heirloom.

This is why I adore designing bouquets with wooden flowers. They won’t wilt. They won’t get thrown in the trash. They will hold onto so many memories and be something that can be passed down for generations.

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