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Top 6 Benefits of Wood Flowers

When people learn that I work with wood flowers, and that wood flowers are even a thing, they usually want them… or question why anyone would actually use them, especially for a wedding! Really, there are lots of reasons. And every couple is so unique that benefits are different for each one. Below, I detail my top 6 benefits of wood flowers. Maybe one or two – or maybe all 6! – will resonate with you. Sometimes the benefits aren’t enough to convince people to use wood flowers over real flowers & that’s ok! Every item isn’t for everyone.

My favorite things about working with wood flowers are that they’re…


The wood used to make these flowers grows so quickly that it is considered a renewable resource. I also largely re-use boxes and packing materials I get from when I make purchases.


With hundreds of flower options available all year round, seasons don’t affect which flowers you can have at your wedding or event. Do you want sunflowers in the dead of winter? No problem!


Wood flowers have the ability to take on color from dye, paint, etc. That means that they can fit into any color palette or theme – and you can have any available flower in any color. Want rainbow carnations? With wood flowers, that’s possible!

Good for Allergies

While I can’t guarantee there will be no allergic reactions to the flowers, they are not scented and don’t shed pollen, which is commonly the source of allergens.

If you would like the flowers to be scented, that is an option!


Don’t have to throw your bouquet away! One of my, and my customers’, favorite benefits of using wood flowers is that they last forever. They’re even easy to take care of – just a bit of light dusting every few months.


Yes, the initial cost may be comparable to using real flowers. But when you factor in the ability to re-use your flowers as home decor, and not having to preserve your flowers, wood flowers can save you hundreds after your wedding.

I’ve asked a bunch of my previous couples why they chose to go with wood flowers. A few of their responses were…

  • I was able to get the colors I wanted.
  • I will be able to keep them forever without having to press them like you would normal flowers.
  • Katie was willing to do whatever color schemes I wanted for a great price.
  • The flowers are eternal. I’ll always have them as a physical reminder of the best day of my life.
  • The idea of customizing permanent flowers for myself really stood out to me.

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