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LGBTQ+ True Crime Fans, Married in Des Moines, Iowa

Like me, many of my customers are fans of true crime.

Loads of my couples are “murderinos.” What’s a murderino? They’re people who are big fans of true crime & did (or do) listen to the podcast “My Favorite Murder.” Not too surprisingly, we all have quite a lot in common and, thanks to Facebook, have created a worldwide community.

Someone in the weddings / My Favorite Murder crossover Facebook group recommended my flowers, so Lauren decided to reach out because she’s always happy to work with a fellow murderino!

In true to millennial form, we did all of the planning over email!

Also… Lauren & Elizabeth live nowhere near me! Even with living states away they fully trusted my creative abilities and years of experience.

Burgundy rose boutonniere on a navy suit jacket.

About the couple

Both Lauren & Elizabeth work in education. Lauren works for an early childhood education non-profit that supports teachers working with birth through age 5. Elizabeth works for the State of Iowa in higher education and works mostly with first-generation students. Together, they enjoy hiking, puzzles and board games, building LEGO sets, watching true crime shows, and baking.

During COVID they learned how fun it could be to bake and cook together.

They regularly joke that Elizabeth is the adorable, fun puppy to Lauren’s grumpy, old cat. Elizabeth has a wonderful ability to make anyone feel like they are best friends, even after one meeting.

How’d they meet & get engaged?

Lauren & Elizabeth met at a Q & A for One Iowa’s LGBTQ+ Leadership Institute. The non-profit hosting the event has been integral to their relationship (the non-profit actually helped marriage equality pass in Iowa back in 2009)! They had both recently moved to Des Moines, and what initially started as a friendship quickly developed into love.

The pair even did a countdown to their wedding on Instagram, to help make their Covid wedding more exciting. On the final day, they gave a donation to One Iowa in appreciation.

They both had grand plans for their proposals. Instead, it happened on a quiet Thursday night while playing Scrabble in their kitchen.

Lauren had picked up the ring a week before, to ask for Elizabeth’s parents’ blessing. She had planned to wait until they were in Nashville a few weeks later. However, while sitting there having a typical night, their song, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” started playing and she decided it was the perfect moment to ask Elizabeth to spend the rest of their life with her! How romantic is that?!

Covid didn’t make things any easier.

Like many other couples in 2020, Lauren & Elizabeth changed their plan so many times they lost count. They ended up canceling their large reception and just got married with immediate family and their closest friends at the Iowa Capitol building in Des Moines, IA. The ceremony was outside, which allowed for people to spread out and keep their distance. The day ended up being perfect!

What made their wedding day memorable?

The first look! Elizabeth’s reaction was emotional and perfect, and they’re both so happy to have pictures to cherish the reaction forever.

Customer Review

Bride holding up bouquet toward camera.
I truly love the fact that we have these flowers forever! We were able to share our small centerpieces with our moms, keep my bouquet to display in our house, and put Elizabeth’s boutonniere in a wedding shadow box.

For anyone considering wood flowers, DO IT! I love the fact that I get to look at my wedding bouquet every day, and it looks as beautiful as the day it arrived. It is a perfect reminder of our perfect day. Katie was so wonderful to work with. I gave the vaguest of guidelines, and mostly just told Katie our wedding colors and which specific flowers we wanted. She was able to create exactly what we were picturing while fitting into our budget. I know we could not have received anything better. We are so happy with the choice, and I know you will be as well!

– Lauren

Wedding Details

Are you loving the idea of wood flowers? I would love to create something entirely unique for you!

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