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Recommended Wedding Planning Podcasts

Wedding planning is exhausting. That’s no secret. When my husband and I got engaged, I fell down the rabbit hole of wedding planning podcasts.

Podcasts are everything right now, and they have been gaining in popularity over the last few years. They’re a great alternative to blogs and books, since you can listen during your commute, while you’re cooking, etc.

The podcasts listed below are the three I found most helpful, in no particular order. All of them are appropriate for anyone who is engaged, not just brides.

Wedding Planning Podcast

Honestly, Wedding Planning Podcast by Kara Lamerato, was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to!

Listening to Kara talk about weddings and how to handle all of the planning and hurdles, she makes everything seem manageable. Kara’s pointers, along with her calm, soothing voice helped me a lot, especially when I was feeling overwhelmed.

Budget planner notebooks with gold pen.

Their website describes the podcast as “a free weekly audio show for engaged couples who are looking to simplify their wedding plans with down-to-earth guidance from a wedding industry professional.”

I actually wrote in to the show, and while she didn’t talk about my direct question on the podcast, I did get a thoughtful response that was obviously not just a canned answer.


The Bridechilla website describes the podcast as “Covering everything from planning timelines to mental health, family dynamics to body image, Bridechilla is bullshit-free and keeps it real.” and that is definitely true! The podcast is taken on a life of its own, now…with a blog, books, planners, etc. The host, Aleisha McCormack, is unapologetic and totally relatable. Swear words fly, and rules are explained & broken.

Perfect for couples who are “offbeat” in any way, or just aren’t worried about following rules and traditions. My favorite thing from the Bridechilla podcast is the concept of a “Fuck It Bucket” – where you metaphorically put things that you ran out of time to finish, or stopped/gave up caring about. Is the wedding a week away and you forgot to order programs? Throw them in the Fuck It Bucket!

In addition to the podcast, the Bridechilla community online is extremely helpful and welcoming. There are even planning books you can order that help cut out the traditional etiquette that really don’t fit into the modern wedding landscape.

Put a Ring On It

Hosted by Daniel Moyer and Danielle Paternak, Put a Ring On It combines an easy-going approach with quirkiness and laughter. Their website describes the podcast as “the anti-boring wedding planning podcast” with “tips, insider knowledge and behind-the-scenes stories from wedding pros.”

Daniel is a photographer, and Danielle is a wedding coordinator. It’s nice to get their differing opinions on things, and their banter keeps everything light-hearted.


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